BioStat Professional

BioStat Professional for Windows

Analyze your compatibility with others using biorhythms

BioStats is a biorhythms interpreter application with many extra features to help you keep track of your, and other people's, biorhythms. It can accurately charts all 4 of the major biorhythms and well as 4 extended (I-Ching) rhythms.

Features include full interpretations of high, low and critical phases, automatic daily readings, hundreds of celebrities, automatic birthday reminders. Generate an analysis with interpretations of your biorhythms for the next month, year or even your entire life!

Compare the biorhythms of any two individuals and get a compatibility reading. Automatically matches people with compatible rhythms - match using different criteria including Basic rhythms, Extended rhythms and Star-Sign. Capture and print charts and reports.

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BioStat Professional


BioStat Professional 2.0

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